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For HX Product Owners & their team who want to learn how to utilize the HX Playbook & Toolkit in designing new Products
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For HX Product Owners & their team who want to learn how to utilize the HX Playbook & Toolkit in designing new Products

Format: Cohort Course with Coaching
Cohort Size: 30 people
Duration: 5 x 2.5-hour live sessions over 8 weeks

  • Understand how to lead a multi-functional Product Team in an actual HX project
  • Learn how to use the HX Playbook & Toolkit to design new Experiences & Products
  • Create a strategy for engaging key Stakeholders & set expectations
  • Develop an HX Dashboard with Analytics to measure Satisfaction & Moments That Matter (MTM’s)
  • Create a Product Backlog & know how to develop & pitch Products to business leaders

This course includes:

video content
facilitation guide
Certification of completion

Course Content



  • Complete the HX Champions Bootcamp

Join HXWize

  • Enroll in the Product Owner certification program with coaching
  • Start in the HXWize learning platform


  • Visit our online library – read articles & view videos for your program
  • Watch the ‘HX Playbook’ video


  • Create your Bio & meet other participants
  • Connect with your Coaches and share your proposed project

Module One


  • View videos on Product Team and HCD Research
  • Choose your project
  • Create a Team Charter

Team Launch & Research Strategy

Workshop (2.5 hours)

  • Chartering your Product Team
  • Cases: Strategies for assembling & launching an Agile Product Team
  • Cases: How to design & start HCD Research
  • Using Existing Data
  • Creating a Research Wall
  • Product Team Tips

Module Two


  • Videos on HCD Research tools & methods
  • Complete Stakeholder Map

Engaging Key Stakeholders

Workshop (2.5 hours)

  • 5 Stakeholder Strategies
  • Involving your Stakeholders in your Research
  • Listening as a Product Team
  • Hacks for Personas & Experience Maps
  • Completing your Stakeholder Strategy
  • Product Team Tips

Module Three


  • Intro to Mapping
  • Interview 3-4 colleagues with Product Team members

Moving from Past to Future HX

Workshop (2.5 hours)

  • Determining a design for your Persona & Experience Maps
  • How to complete your Maps as a Team
  • Designing the ideal Experience
  • Map uses & applications with Stakeholders
  • Hacks for great Mapping
  • Product Team Tips

Module Four


  • Intro to HX Analytics
  • HX Listening Strategy
  • Video: Patrick Coolen on ABN Amro’s listening strategy

Product Analytics

Workshop (2.5 hours)

  • How HX Analytics is different
  • Case examples of an HX Listening Strategy
  • Building metrics in all phases of the Playbook
  • How to measure Moments that Matter & other key touchpoints
  • Building an HX Dashboard
  • Product Team Tips

Module Five


  • Pitching your Product
  • User Testing — Hacks for moving from Prototype to MVP

Managing your Product Backlog

Workshop (2.5 hours)

  • From Prototype to MVP – developing a new product
  • How to lead your team in Storyboarding, Prototyping & Design Sprints
  • Managing your Product Backlog
  • How to pitch Prototypes to your business & End Users
  • Launching your product
  • Product Team Tips

Module Six


  • Leave your evaluation of the course


  • The HX Playbook & Toolkit with facilitation tips


  • Join the HXWize Alumni community & sign up for upcoming events



Elliott Nelson

Founder & HX Coach Talent/OD/Learning
Founder HXWize

Lina Stern

Head of EX Org Design, Transformation
Stash, S'Well, VRBO, LearnVest

Nina Maldonado

HX Wize Product Owner Head of EX, Digital, Agile
AkzoNobel, ING

Oen Michael Hammonds

Distinguished Design Executive, Design Principal

Leah Mintha

People Experience Sales, Marketing, Brand Mgr
Former Head of EX, Novartis

Martijn Seijsener

Global Head EX Agile Coach, OD, Learning
Credit Suisse, Syngenta

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