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For anyone who wants to understand how Design Thinking, Service Design and UX Analytics & Research works in driving business impact and improve HX
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What you'll learn:

For anyone who wants to understand how Design Thinking, Service Design and UX Analytics & Research works in driving business impact and improve HX

Format: Cohort Course with Coaching
Cohort Size: 25 people
Duration: 4 x 2.5-hour live sessions over 7 weeks

  • Understand how to build a Continuous Listening Strategy for HX
  • More accurately define the Problem Statement before we do Solutioning
  • Understand Users’ motivations & needs
  • Learn how to design & implement Research for HX Journeys
  • Learn about the tools & methods to draw on from Analytics, Design Thinking, UX, Service Design – when and how to use each and what they do
  • Know how to build a lab for User Experience listening

This course includes:

video content
facilitation guide
Certification of completion

Course Content



  • Complete the live Coaching Certification program - HX Research & Analytics
  • Start in the HXWize learning platform


  • Look at our online library
  • See the content you will learn in various courses
  • Plan for which badges & certifications you want to earn

Continuous Listening

  • Create your Bio & meet other participants
  • Connect with your Coaches and share your proposed project

Module One


  • HX Playbook Foundations
  • Research Videos
  • Select Project
  • Pre-reads on Qualitative Analytics & Research

Creating a Research Plan

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • HX Parallels with CX
  • How we adapt tools & methods for HX
  • What do we need to measure?
  • Measurement programs & governance
  • Technology requirements
  • Creating an HX Research Plan

Module Two


  • Videos on HCD Research tools & methods
  • Start of Field Research

Exploratory Analysis

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • Intro to Service Design Research methods
  • How to conduct Exploratory research
  • How to use your Existing Data
  • How to utilize Text analysis
  • How to construct Correlations & Models
  • How to do Segmentation & Personas

Module Three


  • User Stories, Key Insights, Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Empathy & Persona Maps
  • Continuation of Field Research

UX Research

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • What are UX tools & methods?
  • How do we do UX Research?
  • How to determine Users’ Motivations & Needs
  • How to do User Stories, Key Insights, Jobs-to-be-Done
  • How to use Research in designing new experiences

Module Four


  • Intro to Mapping, measurement of MTM’s
  • How to evaluate touchpoints

Mapping Methods

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • How to design an insightful Experience Map – what are the elements?
  • What are the methods we use to collect insights?
  • Hacks for robust data
  • How to discover emotions, Moments that Matter?
  • How do we use the As-is Map to design the Ideal Experience Map?

Module Five


  • Intro to Continuous HX Listening
  • How to do User Testing
  • How to set up New Analytics

Continuous Listening

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • How to build a continuous listening strategy
  • Which kinds of surveys are most effective for HX?
  • How to integrate non-Survey data
  • How do we set up Governance?
  • How to do User Testing?
  • What are our new Metrics & Dashboard?

Module Six


  • Leave your evaluation of the course


  • the HX Playbook & Toolkit with facilitation tips


  • Join the HXWize Alumni community & sign up for upcoming events



Andrew Marritt

CEO/Founder, Text Analytics, Data Scientist

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