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Favorite books & blogs on Experience Research & Design

It’s that time when many of us go on holiday and if you’re like me, you like to take a few books along. I love history and stories about real people (stuff you can’t make up!). In the past couple of years, while living in Rome, I’ve soaked up all I could about the amazing people behind the architecture and art.

I also enjoy reading what people are writing about the area where I work: Experience Research & Design.

The best books don't just talk about or sell an idea but have actual frameworks, tools and examples of how to apply them. They explain different kinds of contextual, qualitative, on-site research methods, how to map different kinds of users and personas, what kinds of questions to ask, what data to collect, how to do a sprint, create a wireframe, test a prototype, pitch to Users, etc.

As someone who had spent 25 years in 5 companies (European, Japanese, American), developing Talent Lifecycle processes and leading countless Change programs, I wanted something with different results.

Different results come from a different way of thinking and then different kinds of researching and problem identification and different ways of design and implemention.

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