We help you design Human-Centric experiences for your organization

Mission & Vision

Our Mission:
To help companies adopt a proven framework for Analytics, Design Thinking, and Agile - across all functions of your business to create improved experiences, solve complex problems, and drive competitive advantage.

Our Vision:

We believe that every project inside an organization should be built, managed, and designed like a product with humans at the core of how it’s designed, built, and used.

We bring it all together.

Strong community, cutting-edge practices, and an innovative operating system all in one place.

Our experienced coaches make
the difference

Our team has a rare combination ofexpertise in Human-centered Design tools & methods plus knowledge of how toapply inside organizations – our coaches have led EX, UX, CX in their companies.

Elliott Nelson

Hxwize Cheif HX Officer

Elliott coaches senior leadership teams and speaks and writes about the field of Human-centeredDesign, with the longest running research on Employee Experience

He founded HXWize and the HX Leaders Network - a platform for leading HX practitioners to connect, learn and share.

Elliot teaches organizations how to deploy the HX-Playbook, using Design Thinking, Agile, Analytics, and much more.
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Marc Stickdorn

Smaply Co-founder & CEO
Marc is a pioneer and 3x (award-winning)author in the field of Service Design. He founded Smaply, theworld’s first online mapping tool. Smaply 3.0 introduces the concept of JourneyMap Ops, where you can identify & track your Journey KPI’s – across allyour organization’s maps.

Marc has a deep expertise in ServiceDesign Research and Design methods and has coached leaders of numerous F500companies.  

Marc regularly speaks at conferences on service design, entrepreneurship, and Journey Map Operations. With a background in strategic management and service design, he teaches at universities and gives executive courses, and pursues a Ph.D. in design science within information systems.
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Our HXWize Coaches

Nina Maldonado

HX Wize Product Owner Head of EX, Digital, Agile
AkzoNobel, ING

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Martijn Seijsener

Global Head EX Agile Coach, OD, Learning
Credit Suisse, Syngenta

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Oen Michael Hammonds

Distinguished Design Executive, Design Principal

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Lina Stern

Head of EX Org Design, Transformation
Stash, S'Well, VRBO, LearnVest

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Amy Sawbridge

Head of EX & Brand
Former Virgin Group

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Andrew Marritt

CEO/Founder, Text Analytics, Data Scientist

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Jaap Veldkamp

People Analytics Lead
ABN Amro

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Sjoerd van den Heuvel

Associate Professor People Analytics
U. Applied Sciences Utrecht

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Teresa Niubò

Founder Bloom MoodService Design, Design Thinking
GE, Sara Lee

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Julie Staudenmier

HXWize Search & Consulting
Change, Talent, OD, EX
Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim

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Leah Mintha

People Experience Sales, Marketing, Brand Mgr
Former Head of EX, Novartis

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Susan Thome

UX Leadership | User Experience Design | Information Architecture | Conversation Design | Product Innovation | Service Design

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We’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes

The HXWize & Smaply team have combined to help hundreds of companies solve unique business challenges through the power of design, community and roadmapping.