People Analytics for HR 'Foundations'

For business and HR leaders who want to understand how to utilize Analytics to drive business impact
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What you'll learn:

For business and HR leaders who want to understand how to utilize Analytics to drive business impact

Format: Cohort Course with Coaching
Cohort Size: 20 people
Duration: 5 x 2.5-hour live sessions over 8 weeks

  • Learn how to use People Analytics to discover what really drives business performance
  • Understand where it is most important and impactful to use People Analytics
  • Discover new opportunities to use People Analytics in a way that supports business impact
  • Understand how to leverage People Analytics in practice - from problem definition to problem conceptualization, analytical approach
  • Learn about common pitfalls in using Data from real-life examples e.g. stakeholder management, mis-alignment with strategy, privacy, etc.

This course includes:

video content
facilitation guide
Certification of completion

Course Content



  • Complete the live Coaching Certification program - People Analytics for HR Leaders - Foundations
  • Start in the HXWize learning platform


  • Look at our online library
  • See the content you will learn in various courses
  • Plan for which badges & certifications you want to earn


  • Create your Bio & meet other participants
  • Connect with your Coaches and share your proposed project

Module One


  • Select Project
  • Articles: Eight Big Tickets

Intro to People Analytics

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • Introduction to People Analytics
  • De-mystifying: What are the main elements of People Analytics & what do they tell us?
  • Where & When using People Analytics helps the business
  • Examples of useful & useless Analytics

Module Two


  • Visualizing the Voice of the Employee
  • Case studies on Problem Identification

How to identify an Analytics Problem?

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • What is the business problem?
  • How do we quantify the opportunity?
  • What Analytical question is related to it?
  • How to decide which kind of solution it requires?
  • What are best practices in problem identification?

Module Three


  • The 10 golden rules of continuous employee listening

How to structure the problem?

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • What factors influence the identified problem?
  • How do they impact the problem?
  • What are the most fair, economical & reliable measures available?
  • What are examples for how to make problems most relevant?

Module Four


  • HR is Hitting a Second Wall

Which Analytics tools to use?

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • What are descriptive & advanced Analytics?
  • How to understand & integrate AI, machine learning, deep learning?
  • What are the challenges in cleaning, modeling & visualizing data?
  • What are best examples of using different tools?

Module Five


  • The perfect match, HR analytics and strategy,

How to make it real for the business?

Workshop (2.5 hrs):

  • -How to prepare to share your data with your business partners?
  • -Tips and hacks for compelling story-telling, visualization
  • -How to highlight business impact & value
  • How to have ongoing metrics

Module Six


  • Leave your evaluation of the course


  • the Program slides, templates & Hacks to use with your Business Partners & colleagues


  • Join the HXWize Alumni community & sign up for upcoming events



Sjoerd van den Heuvel

Associate Professor People Analytics
U. Applied Sciences Utrecht

Jaap Veldkamp

People Analytics Lead
ABN Amro

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