Elevate your Design with HXWize + Smaply

HXWize is pleased to announce a partnership with Marc Stickdorn & Smaply, the world’s leading Experience Mapping platform, where you can collaborate to design great experiences and see priorities and metrics for ALL your product teams.

Research. Design. Manage. Innovate.

Smaply subscriptions will include:

  • Access to our global community events – join, share & learn with other UX/CX/EX professionals
  • How to Transform - Coaching support on your transformation from our network of Seasoned Experience Leaders
  • How to map & measure – research & design great experiences & manage all your data
  • How to Upskill – HXWize Learning programs to build capabilities for Product Teams, Leaders, Champions
  • How to find talent – post your jobs, get expert help for your search; join our job boards & find great work!
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